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Tennessee Valley

P.O. Box 157
Greeneville, TN 37744
(423) 638-4177
FAX (423) 638-3328
Who Reads Tennessee Valley OUTDOORS?

Ever wonder who reads Tennessee Valley Outdoors? Our recent reader study found that the people we identified as potential readers when we launched our publication are indeed reading our magazine.

Ninety-nine percent of our readers are males and 53% are in the 35 to 54 age group. We found that 19% of our readers have annual incomes of $76,000 or more, 27% earn between $51,000 and $75,000, and 37% of TVO's readers earn between $26,000 to $50,000 annually.

Forty-three percent are managerial, professional or have their own business while 28% are skilled. Twenty-three percent are retired.

Seventy-seven percent of our readers say they attend outdoor shows. TVO is represented at many of the shows in Tennessee. Ninety-four percent indicated they wanted to read about issues and legislation that affect sportsmen.

Not surprisingly, 93% of our readers fish, and 78% hunt, 41% use a bow, and 31% participate in archery-related activities.

TVO readers are family oriented. Sixty-six percent participate in these activities with their spouse and 78 % participate with their children.

Seventy-eight percent of our readers fish for largemouth bass and 73% for smallmouth, 73% for crappie and 34% for trout. Catfish anglers make up 49% of our readers, and walleye anglers 21%. Thirty percent pursue stripers.

Sixty-eight percent of TVO's readers hunt for whitetail deer and 52% pursue turkey. Thirty-nine percent hunt dove, 27% hunt quail, and 17% pursue grouse. Thirty-nine percent of TVO's readers are dedicated duck hunters, 53% hunt squirrel and 39% hunt rabbit. Seventy-nine percent use a shotgun and 74% a rifle, 56% are blackpowder enthusiasts, and 45% are bowhunters.

Of our readers, 91% own a truck, 77% own a boat, 19% own an RV or camper, and 31% own an AT V. Fiberglass bass boats are owned by the majority of our readers, as are aluminum jon boats.

Forty-eight percent of TVO's readers say they spend more than one hour reading each issue, and 68% say they save their issues. Almost 100% said they share each issue with one or more people.

Seventy percent of our readers have access to the Internet, and another 7% plan to have access within the next year.

And, when we asked for comments about our magazine, they were overwhelmingly positive. The one thing you want is for us to keep giving you more of everything we now offer. We plan to do just that.

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