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Tennessee Valley

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Greeneville, TN 37744
(423) 638-4177
FAX (423) 638-3328

June 2002 Newsletter

I would like to thank all the people who have been involved in the planning and execution of allthe Regional Tournaments. I believe we had 4 great tournaments that were conducted this spring. Now, it's time to begin the State Tournament planning. For those that did not make it, I hope you enjoyed the Regionals and I look forward to seeing all the others at the State Tournament in October.

I would also like to offer my sincere appreciation to all the folks who helped meduring the tournament. All were eager to help and some even went above the call of duty. Without your help, the tournaments would not have been a success.


The Region 1 Tournament was held Saturday, April 27th, at Pebble Isle Marina at Trace Creek on Kentucky Lake. The Tournament consisted of 24 teams and 142 participants fishing out of 71 boats.

The tournament is classified as a qualifier for the State Tournament held each year in the fall. Of these 24 teams, the top 12 teams based on weight advance to the 2002 State Tournament to be held October 3, 4 and 5 at Paris Landing State Park on Kentucky Lake. All results are posted at:

Team Results

The following are the top 12 finishing clubs that will advance:

Fed X Bass Association &endash; 43.54

Two Rivers Bass Club &endash; 40.64

Henderson County Bass Anglers &endash; 38.72

McKenzie Bass Club &endash; 34.34

Sportsmens Digest Outdoor Team &endash; 33.60

Reelfoot Lake Bass Club &endash; 33.57

Golden Circle Bass Anglers &endash; 32.40

Madison County Bass Anglers &endash; 32.40

Jackson Bass Club &endash; 30.86

Beech River Bass Club &endash; 30.38

Gleason Bass Club &endash; 21.38

Gibson County Bass Club &endash; 20.42

Individual Results

Paul Attales was the overall winner with 5 bass weighing 14.48 lbs. For his win, Paul will receive a berth on the 2003 State Team. He will be one of 12 that will compete as a team at the 2003 Divisional Tournament. Congratulations, Paul.

Big Fish

The winner of the big fish for the tournament was Mac Brown of Two Rivers Bass Club. Mac's fish weighed in at 6.48 lbs. and netted him $720.00. Congratulations, Mac.

Tournament Statistics

Participants: 142

Participants who caught fish: 110

Participants with a limit: 7

Total Fish weighed: 242

Total fish released: 237

Total fish weight: 590.48 lbs.

Average Fish weight: 2.44 lbs.

Number of fish over 6 lbs.: 2

Number of fish over 5 lbs.: 1

Tournament Notes

I would like to thank the Pebble Isle Marina & Restaurant for allowing us the use of their facilities during the tournament.


The Region 2 Tournament was held Saturday, May 4th, at Dover's Lick Creek on Lake Barkley. The Tournament consisted of 22 teams and 129 participants fishing out of 65 boats.

The tournament is classified as a qualifier for the State Tournament held each year in the fall. Of these 22 teams, the top 11 teams based on weight advance to the 2002 State Tournament to be held October 3, 4, and 5 at Paris Landing State Park on Kentucky Lake. All results are posted at:

Team Results

The following are the top 12 finishing clubs that will advance:

Humphreys County Bass Club &endash; 32.86

Houston County Bass Club &endash; 32.22

Montgomery County Bass Club &endash; 26.38

Yellow Creek Bass Club &endash; 23.54

State Line Bass Club &endash; 23.00

Robertson Co. Bass Club &endash; 21.78

100 Mile Bass Club &endash; 18.08

Clarksville Bass Club &endash; 16.66

Kentucky Lake Bass Anglers &endash; 16.46

Lawrenceburg Bass Busters &endash; 15.78

Tennessee Ridge Bass Club &endash; 15.30

Individual Results

Vincent Brooks was the overall winner with the only 5 bass limit-weighing 19.74 lbs. For his win, Vincent will receive a berth on the 2003 State Team. He will be one of 12 that will compete as a team at the 2003 Divisional Tournament. Congratulations to Vincent.

Big Fish

The winner of the big fish for the tournament was Tony Meador of State Line Bass Club. Tony's fish weighed in at 7.06 lbs. and netted him $660.00. Congratulations, Tony.

Tournament Statistics

Participants: 129

Participants who caught fish: 65

Participants with a limit: 1

Total Fish weighed: 100

Total fish released: 99

Total fish weight: 321.90 lbs.

Average Fish weight: 3.22 lbs.

Number of fish over 7 lbs.: 1

Number of fish over 6 lbs.: 2

Tournament Notes

I would like to thank the Dover High School for allowing us the use of their facilities during the tournament.


The Region 4 Tournament was held Saturday, May 11th, at Observation Knob Park at South Holston Lake. The Tournament consisted of 31 teams and 182 participants fishing out of 91 boats.

The tournament is classified as a qualifier for the State Tournament held each year in the fall. Of these 31 teams, the top 16 teams based on weight advance to the 2002 State Tournament to be held October 3, 4, and 5 at Paris Landing State Park on Kentucky Lake. All results are posted at:

Team Results

The following are the top 12 finishing clubs that will advance:

Bass Masters of Bristol &endash; 34.62

South Holston Bass Anglers &endash; 30.18

Twin City Bass Club &endash; 26.08

Lonesome Pine Bassmasters &endash; 25.34

Tenn Christian Bass Anglers &endash; 23.64

Bluff City Bass Club &endash; 22.70

Lone Wolf Bass Club &endash; 22.14

Hampton Fishing Club &endash; 21.52

Clinch Mountain Bassmasters &endash; 20.01

Kenny's Fishing Club &endash; 19.91

Bassmasters of East TN. &endash; 19.46

East Tn. Bass Anglers &endash; 18.26

Tri-Cities Bass Club &endash; 17.96

Knox County Bassmasters &endash; 16.68

Claiborne County Bass Club &endash; 13.29

Bristol Compressors &endash; 12.54

Individual Results

Joe Leonard was the overall winner with a 5 bass limit-weighing 13.68 lbs. For his win, Joe will receive a berth on the 2003 State Team. He will be one of 12 that will compete as a team at the 2003 Divisional Tournament. Congratulations to Joe.

Big Fish

The winner of the big fish for the tournament was Jim Bennett of Tri-Cities Bass Club. Jim's smallmouth weighed in at 4.88 lbs. and netted him $910.00. Congratulations, Jim.

Tournament Statistics

Participants: 182

Participants who caught fish: 99

Participants with a limit: 5

Total Fish weighed: 187

Total fish released: 180

Total fish weight: 429.50 lbs.

Average Fish weight: 2.30 lbs.

Number of fish over 4 lbs.: 11

Tournament Notes

I would like to thank the Observation Knob Park for allowing us the use of their facilities during the tournament. I would also like to thank Clinch Mountain Bassmasters for providing all the anglers with a meal the night before the tournament. Also, the Area 3 clubs who planned and executed the tournament facilities, parking and weigh-in.

For more tournament data, visit:, and click on Tournament Results.

May 2002 Newsletter

*** Change Notice ***

The Region 2 Registration & Pairings Location has been changed. The new location will be the new High School. It is located on HWY 79 heading back towards Clarksville, away from Dover. It's only 3 miles from the traffic light in Dover. If you need further info contact Walt Herrmann at (931) 647-6916 or Ken Head at: (931) 358-9575.

Regional Tournaments

The Regional Tournament dates are:

Region 1 - April 27, 2002 New Johnsonville

Region 2 &endash; May 4, 2002 Lake Barkley

Region 4 &endash; May 11, 2002 South Holston

Region 3 Tournament

The Region 3 Tournament was held Saturday, April 13th at Tims Ford Lake. The Tournament consisted of 26 teams and 155 participants fishing out of 78 boats. The tournament is classified as a qualifier for the State Tournament held each year in the fall. Of these 26 teams, the top 13 teams based on weight advance to the 2002 State Tournament to be held October 3, 4, and 5 at Paris Landing State Park on Kentucky Lake. All results are posted at:

Team Results

The following are the top 13 finishing clubs that will advance:

Upper Cumberland Bass Anglers &endash; 30.66 lbs.

Estill Springs Bassmasters &endash; 28.40 lbs.

Cleveland Bassmasters &endash; 23.04 lbs.

Tennessee Bass N Buddies &endash; 16.86 lbs.

Chattanooga Bass Club &endash; 15.98 lbs.

Van Buren County Bassmasters &endash; 14.76 lbs.

Stone Bridge Bassmasters &endash; 14.08 lbs.

Nashville Bass Anglers &endash; 11.34 lbs.

Lincoln County Sportsman Club &endash; 10.44

Outcasters Bass Club &endash; 10.16 lbs.

Grundy County Bass Club &endash; 9.12 lbs.

Hamilton County Bass Club &endash; 9.10 lbs.

Winchester Bassmasters &endash; 8.94 lbs.

Individual Results

Mark Tyler of Estill Springs Bassmasters was the individual winner of the tournament with a five fish limit weighing 11.66 lbs. For his win, Mark will receive a berth on the 2003 State Team. He will be one of 12 that will compete as a team at the 2003 Divisional Tournament. Congratulations to Mark.

Big Fish

The winner of the big fish for the tournament was Richard Burke of United Bass Anglers of Middle Tennessee. Richard's fish weighed in at 4.88 lbs. and netted him $780.00. Congratulations, Richard.

Tournament Notes

I would like to thank the Tims Ford Bass Club for allowing us the use of their facilities during the tournament. I would also like to offer my sincere appreciation to all the folks who helped me during the tournament. All were eager to help and some even went above the call of duty. Without your help, the tournament would not have been a success.

Tennessee Conservation League

I was recently asked by the Tennessee Conservation League to become a member of the Conservation Advisory Policy Council to represent the Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation. The CPAC is the conservation policy and issues arm of the league. It serves as the principle advisor to all the members, Board of Directors, and staff on questions, issues, and policy associated with all facets and dimensions of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in Tennessee and its environs. I will be asking for your help to ensure we have a voice in the future on all of the upcoming issues we will be facing.

Web Site

On the tnbass website, we now have the TWRA BITE form that you can use to submit your club's tournament data. This info goes directly to Mike Bramlett of the TWRA. It's now easier than ever to send your tournament data in and be included in the year end results. I encourage all TBF clubs to begin to submit their data. I would like to thank Jason Risley in helping to set this new feature up for us. The web address is:

Pickwick Bassmasters #3 Tournament

Fishing was once again tough on the Pickwick Bassmasters as it has been the last three tournaments. 25-30 mph gusts kept most people off the main lake . 10 Boats showed up to fish.




Kentucky Lake Bass Anglers

Kentucky Lake Bass Anglers held their 2nd tournament of the year. 1st place went to Doug True and Joe Anthony with 18.15 pounds. 2nd Place went to Bill Patterson and Tommy Mullinicks with 16.10 pounds, 3rd place was Carl Cardwell and Wayne Williams with 13.75 pounds. Wayne also had the big fish of the Tournament a 6.40-pound largemouth. We caught 36 fish weighing 97 pounds for a 2.69-pound average.

Clarksville Bass Club, Inc.

The first tournament of 2002 was held on Old Hickory Lake out of Bull Creek on March 16th. Nine teams fished, with the the team of Monty Fleet and David Griffey taking 1st place with 7 fish weighing 16.29 lbs. Second place went to the team of Mike Dennie and Ken Head with 6 fish weighing 15.19 lbs. Big fish of the tournament was taken on the very first cast made by Lindsey Beard that morning and weighed in at 6.15 lbs.

Volunteer Bass Anglers

Volunteer held its 3rd tournament of the year at New Johnsonville April 13th. The winners were the team of Albert White and Todd Miller with 4.84 lbs. Second place went to the team of Bill Greer and Bert Green with 4.02 lbs. Big fish went to Bill Greer with a 4.02-lb. Bass.

If you would like to include your club results in the newsletter, forward all information to A. D. Sanford by the 1st of each month.


Reported by A. D. Sanford, Pres.

Congratulations are in order for our 2 winners of the State CastingKids Finals. Alan Welch and Michael Stubblefield will represent us at the CITGO B.A.S.S. Federation Championship April 20th. A well done to all who participated and all the clubs that held events last year.

Correction Notice

*** As a reminder to the clubs, if you or your club would like to propose a change, they must be in to the TBF Secretary by September 18, 2002. The State Meeting will be November 2, 2002.

BASSMASTER CastingKids State Finals

(by Larraine Nobes &endash; Youth Director)

About 40 youngsters competed for the Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation CastingKids State Championship on Saturday, March 2, at Hall Chevrolet-Geo in Cleveland, Tennessee. The competition brought together winners of local CastingKids contests from events sponsored by bass clubs all over the state.

Alan Welch, from Sardis, TN, is the Tennessee State Bassmaster CastingKids winner for the 7-10 age group. Alan is the son of Rolie and Karen Welch. Alan is 10 years old.

Michael Stubblefield, from Alcoa, TN, is the Tennessee State Bassmaster CastingKids winner for the 11-14 age group. Michael is the son of Joni and Trent Stubblefield. Michael is 12 years old.

Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation and the competitors appreciate the cooperation of Jack Hall who let them use the Hall Chevrolet-Geo showroom for the competition. Mr. Hall provided lunch for all the competitors and their families and supplied "door prizes" to be given away at the end of the competition.

Donations from the following sponsors allowed every competitor to go home a "Prize Winner:"

Hall Chevrolet-Geo

Special Thanks to Jack Hall & Chevrolet Trucks

Zebco Rods & Reels

Rubbermaid Products

Roger Graham Construction


Patricia Soesbee and Debra Soesbee Silverman

Realtors with Prudential Botts & Associates

Alice Jones

Headquarters Beauty Salon

McKee Bakery of Snack Cakes

Prowler Pro-Pitch Lures

John Nichols, Rick Nease and Jordan Nease

Tennessee Aquarium

BassPro Shops Outdoor World

Berkley PowerBaits

Stanley Jigs

The Tacklebox

Bayside Lures

Slider Lures

Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation

Sammy Goodner did a great job in setting up for the competition and then coordinating all the activities. Of course we would have been lost without the assistance of his wife, my husband, and the local B.A.S.S. clubs who provided people to register contestants, keep score, and generally keep things running smoothly.

Web Sites of the Month

As a new feature for the monthly newsletter, I will post a few websites that I find interesting on the web.

This month's sites are: &endash; Paris, Tennessee, information &endash; Team Nashville Bassmasters web site

B.A.S.S. Times

If you have received the new B.A.S.S. Times, you will notice some major changes. Of special note, the new Federation Spotlight section is a sure winner. If your club has an event or someone you feel needs to be recognized for outstanding work, please notify me and I will pass it along to the Times.

Regional Tournaments

By the time you read this, the Regionals will be underway. I would like to wish all clubs the best of luck.

The Regional Tournament dates are:

Region 1 - April 27, 2002 New Johnsonville

Region 2 &endash; May 4, 2002 Lake Barkley

Region 3 &endash; April 13, 2002 Tims Ford

Region 4 &endash; May 11, 2002 South Holston

Your club must be updated 30 days prior to your Regional tournament or April, whichever is first. At your Area meeting, you will receive a new Tournament Entry form. This form has been updated and must be used for this tournament. I am working on a new form for the Web Site, but it may not be done by Tournament time. Please note that all entry forms will be sent to the President. My address is: TBF &endash; President &endash; P.O. Box 68 &endash; Cedar Grove, Tn 38321.

Ampcon / Duracharge

Are you in the market for a new onboard charger? DuraCharge is a Tennessee BASS Federation sponsor and their product is made in Tennessee. Check them out at: As a Federation member, you will be able to purchase a charger at a reduced price, plus they are offering a $20.00 rebate. Go online to and print the rebate form. I will also have these rebate forms at your regional tournaments. Be sure and support our sponsors.


Flowmaster is also a Tennessee B.A.S.S. sponsor. If you are in the market for exhaust on your towing vechicle, make Flowmaster your source. Visit their site at: Contact me for various discounts.

Fishing Tales

I would like to thank Jason Risley of the Fayette County Bass Club for helping to design some new forms for our web site. He volunteered his time to help and it is very much appreciated.

The web site has a new Message Board. The old Message Board crashed and I have set up a new one. Please Register when you begin to post.

Please Help

Please respond to the article below, with your pictures and cards. Let's show this young man our Volunteer spirit.

My son Justin is 13 yrs. old and is fighting his second battle with leukemia since 1995. He is a patient at Texas Children's Cancer Center in Houston. After 2 years of chemotherapy, which began in 1995, then being off treatment for 2 years, he had to start all over again this time to include 2 weeks of radiation and an additional round of chemotherapy that will last until May, 2003. His first prognosis in '95 was a 95% chance he would be cured. This time, better than 50%, so we are not sure where our journey will take us this time around.

Justin has not had a normal life and is very sad that he had to be homebound and be away from his friends last school year, and has missed a lot this year. He has had some very trying times, especially in the past year, so as MOM, I am trying to brighten his days and put a smile back on his face. Justin loves to fish and duck hunt. He is a Lego, Star Wars, Alan Jackson, N'SYNC, James Bond and Gundam Wing maniac. He loves Crocodile Hunter and watches his show every chance he gets. Justin is a pizza and hot dog guy and he also loves to watch movies and play video games. He loves music, country, pop, MOM's music, actually most all music.

I have started 'JUSTIN'S FAN CLUB' to show him how much people really do care by sending requests for autographed photos to as many celebrities as possible. This collection will give him something positive to remember this time of his life and so far it is working. He has received 30+ t-shirts, cds, stickers, posters, 30+ caps, and over 1,000 autographed photos. He has been receiving photos, patches, shirts and fishing gear from fellow fishermen and some of the Celebrity Pros with their big catch! His 'Fishin Bud Fan Club' is over 100 photos!

Justin has had his first guided fishing trip with Skeeder D, Lake Fork Guide Services, who generously offered some one on one fishing time and gave tips on how to catch the 'big' one! Justin looks forward to having a lifetime fishing buddy with Skeeder D! He also received VIP treatment at this year's BASS Masters Classic and was able to take a photo with the new B.A.S.S. Champ, Kevin VanDam. Justin was honored with a fishing trip to Wisconsin made possible by the people of Lake and Darin Novak. He caught his first Muskie, actually two, and got to see snow for the first time in his life!! This trip really put a smile on his face and he is still smiling!!

If possible, could you please send a personally autographed photo or a photo with you and your 'BIG' catch to Justin to add to his current daily growing collection from people all over the world. This has become such a spirit-lifting experience and is having such a positive impact on his attitude towards what seems to be a never-ending nightmare. The smile on his face when Justin receives these photos each day is priceless and I want to continue keeping a smile on his face. Each day that he smiles, he is happy and I believe this will help him in a complete recovery from his cancer this time around. This will be the biggest FAN CLUB ever. Please join by sending your photos to:


296 Hightower Rd.

DeRidder, LA (Louisiana)70634

Thanks, Alison(mom)

Tournament News

The Volunteer Bass Anglers held their first tournament of the year on Pin Oak Lake at Natchez Trace, Saturday, March 2nd. The winners were Scott Johnson and Wes Bailey with 6.13 lbs. Second place went to Larry Clayton and Bill Whiteaker with 5.43 lbs. Third place went to Lawrence Sanford and Albert White with 5.16 lbs. Scott Johnson scored Big Fish Honors with a 3.38 lb. Largemouth.

Tennessee Bowhunters Society News

May 2002 Newsletter

Several items were discussed at the last Tennessee Bowhunters Society meeting April 9, but the subject that drew the most discussion among members was the OHV bill currently being voted on in committee by the state legislature.

This bill calls for creation of areas for recreational ATV use, and the placing of responsibilities of such areas, licensing fees, enforcement responsibilities, etc. on the TWRA.

Ideas were discussed as to whether the TWRA, whose mandate is for wildlife management, should be the agency in charge of recreational ATV areas and ATV use.

Questions were raised as to the cost to the agency and whether sportsman's dollars would have to be diverted to offset the costs of enforcement, environmental impact studies, etc., that may occur with the bills passage.

A concern voiced at that meeting centered around where these particular areas would be located in years to come. Several in attendance were concerned that if the bill passed, state wildlife management areas, such as Catoosa, Chuck Swann, etc., may be looked upon by those in favor of the bill as legitimate areas for ATV sport riding and recreation.

Concerns were voiced that if WMAs or portions of WMAs were designated as riding areas, then wildlife and the original purpose of the WMAs may suffer.

Also noted in the discussion was that the only ATV users who would be exempt from paying the capital fee and yearly registration fee would be farmers and those who only use the ATV on their own private property. It was mentioned that all other ATV owners would have to pay the fee and registration even if they were not a recreational ATV user or user of possible designated areas.


The Morristown Archery Club has designated its regular shoot dates of August 3 - 4, as dates for the 2nd annual Hunters for the Hungry shoot. The shoot is sponsored by the Morristown Archery Club and TBS. More information will be available later.


Gary Douthat will be the instructor for a NBEP class May 18 at Eagle Wings archery in Lenoir City. Everyone is invited to attend. The class is free. For more information call Eagle Wings Archery at 865-986-2567


The election of G. L. Teague of Parsons as chairman of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission, and Charles Peavyhouse of Hixson as TWRC Vice Chairman, has some deer hunters across Tennessee concerned the newly elected officers may try to use their positions to raise buck bag limits to pre-1998 levels.

The TWRC voted in 1998 to reduce the statewide buck-bag limit from 11 to 2, in hopes of allowing more 1 1/2 -year-old bucks to mature, in order to help get a more mature buck age class structure in Tennessee's deer herd. That year the TWRC increased doe harvest bag limits for "meat" hunters also.

If memory serves correctly, these two commissioners, along with others, have voted against the two buck bag limit at it's inception and at every opportunity since, even when Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency biologists and management were in favor of the two-buck limit.

After reviewing the voting records of Commissioner Teague, Peavyhouse, Hensley and Barton , the latter two both from Jackson, one could understand why some hunters are concerned that a "clique" of commissioners may try to get the bag limit raised even when TWRA and a majority of Tennessee deer hunters want them to remain the same or even lower. An attempt was made a few years ago to raise the limit to six. It was narrowly defeated after hunters across the state contacted commission members, state legislatures and even the governor. The result was the 3-bag limit "compromise." We ask that TBS members and others across the state who wish for lower buck bag limits to be vigilant and contact their commissioner to express their views. At the time of writing the newsletter the exact date of the season setting meeting was unavailable from the TWRA. TWRA sources say the meeting will be in late May or early June.

Following is public contact information for Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission Members.

Chairman: G.L. Teague, P.O. Box 97, Parsons, TN 38363, Business: 731-847-0848, Fax:731-847-0747

Vice Chairman: Charles Peavyhouse, 7311 Clearwater Road E., Hixson, TN 37343, Residence: 423-842-1072

Secretary: George Akans Jr., Renfro Construction Co., Inc., 4817 Rutledge Pike, Knoxville, TN 37914, Business: 865-546-3173, Fax: 865-546-9744

Jeanette Rudy, 2730 Pennington Bend Road, Nashville, TN 37214

Wilda Barton, 164 Stanworth Cove, Jackson, TN 38305, Business: 731-422-7640, Business Fax: 731-427-6843

Michael Gaw, 1045 Fisk Road, Cookeville, TN 38501, Business: 931-520-4000, Fax: 931-520-1562

Beverly Johnson, P.O. Box 322, Pulaski, TN 38478, Business: 931-363-7621, fax: 931-363-9679

Tom Hensley, 72 Villagewood Dr., Jackson, TN 38305, Business: 615-394-6411,

William W. Cox, 362 New Byhalia Rd., Suite 202, Collierville, TN 38017, Business: 901-853-7766, Fax: 901-854-1181

R.B. "Buddy" Baird, 211 South Depot St., Rogersville, TN 37857, Business: 423-272-0301, Fax: 423-272-0838

Hugh T. "Skip" Simonton Jr. 624 Roper Dr., Covington, TN 38010, Business: 901-476-8156.


TBS is comprised of people who care about bowhunting in Tennessee. This non-profit organization is aimed at fighting for a better bowhunting future as well as keeping you up-to-date on issues that concern you as a bowhunter.

Send in your hunting photos. We will try to publish them.

Join the Tennessee Bowhunters Society

TBS is comprised of people who care about bowhunting in Tennessee. This non-profit organization is aimed at fighting for a better bowhunting future as well as keeping you up-to-date on issues that concern you as a bowhunter.

The yearly fee of $20 ($25 family) includes a one-year subscription to Tennessee Valley Outdoors magazine. TBS news will appear in the magazine each month.

Send checks to TBS at 3625 Snapps Ferry Rd., Afton, TN 37615. 423-638-7747, 423-638-4177.

Percy Priest Sport Fishing Club news

This Nashville fishing club has something for everyone!

June 2002 Newsletter

Scholarships Awarded: The PPSFC 2002 Scholarships will be presented on May 14, 2002. This year's recipients are Amy Espey and Paige Shipp. Rita Lee of Buddy Lee Enterprises will be presenting the Scholarships during the regular meeting hours.

Amy is currently studying to be a medical assistant and plans to continue her education in the medical fields.

Paige Shipp is a graduating senior from McGavock High School and plans to study Information Systems.

Both students maintained a grade point average above 3.25 while participating in community activities.

April Tournaments: It seems that April on Percy Priest was the month for the largemouth and smallmouth spawn. It did affect the weigh-ins, but we still had some decent weights.

April 20 Tournament # 3

1st Steve McKay & Wayne Burlison 8.71 Lbs

2nd Mike Culberson & Michael Culberson 4.91 lbs

3rd Billy Wheeler & Whit Taylor 4.11 lbs

May 5 Tournament # 4

1st Welton Douglas & David Youngblood 9.87 lbs

2nd Steve McKay 9.58 lbs

3rd George Espey & Mark Cooper 7.00 lbs

Children's Outings are in full swing: The PPSFC has organized Children's Outings every month from April to October. If you would like to participate in these events, please contact us at .

1st Big Fish Seth 1 pound Crappie

2nd Big Fish Brad 1 pound Stripe

Most Fish Brad

Most Weight Brad 11 pounds Stripe & Crappie

Other participants were Landon, Brandon, Josh and Gavin.

Please contact us at our email address if you have any questions.

May 2002 Newsletter

All of us at the Percy Priest Sport Fishing Club would like to again thank all the sponsors and fishermen that participated in the Fishing for Education Tournament. We are having a great year and hope to expand the program.

Scholarship Selection: Currently the Scholarship Committee is reviewing all applications for the 2002 Scholarships. This year we are going to issue two scholarships. Without the help of all of the sportsmen in this area, these scholarships would not be available. You are making a difference.

Tournament Season: The tournament season is now about one month old and the tournament standings are currently being processed.

March 23

First Place: Mike & Chouree Culberson 5.88 lbs

Second Place: Don Graham & Brad Robinson 3.61 lbs

Third Place Chris Melton & Charles Mullins 3.48 lbs

We now have started a new type of fishing competition for our Fun Open Invitational. We now fish for top weight in one of five categories. This is to try to generate some interest in bringing out the kids and wives.

April 6 Fun Open:

Bass: Pam & Jeff Roth 5.53 lbs

Crappie/Stripe Dennis Shipp & Jerry Patterson 9.40 lbs

Rockfish/Hybrid Matt Miller & Bruce Culbertson 2.48 lbs

Panfish/Bluegill Landon & Jeff McCalister .54 lbs Catfish/Other Mike Berkner & Daniel Zavatchen 4.78 lbs

Web Site: Anyone wanting information about the Percy Priest Sport Fishing Club can easily get it from our web site. The address is This site will provide you with all the latest info and standings. If you wish to drop us an e-mail, the address is

The Nashville Smallmouth Bass Club News

Reported by Bob Verran

June 2002 Newsletter

April Tournament Results

A total of 14 members fished windy Kentucky Lake on Saturday, April 27, 2002. Fishing was tough but some ole' brown fish were brought to the scales.

1st place - Don Jones

with 4 lb. - 8.5 oz.

2nd place - Dick Kessinger

with 1 lb. - 14 oz.

3rd place - Bob Verran

with 1 lb. - 11.5 oz.

4th place - Chris Shandor

with 1 lb. - 8.5 oz.

5th place - Steve Hicks

with 1 lb. - 7 oz.

Big Fish -- Don Jones

with 2 lb. - 7.5 oz.

The Goodies Headache Award went to Dan Zavatchen, who caught a really nice 5 lb. - 8.5 oz. smallie , but the fish did not survive until weigh -in. Sorry, Dan .

Club Point Standings

1st. John Bray 328.5

2nd Mark Bray 228.5

3rd John Morgan 194.5

4th Don Jones 159.5

5th Jim Kessinger 115.5

6th Larry Carte 110.5

7th Dick Kessinger 109.5

8th Bob Verran 108.0

9th Alfred Lawless 100.0

10th Bill Cobb 87.0


February Tournament - 2/16/02 - Center Hill out of Edgar Evans State Park.

A total of twenty - two members fished a very stained high water lake with some impressive three- fish limits weighed in. Twelve members brought fish to the scales with a total of17 fish totaling 62 lbs. - 2 oz

1st place - John Bray -

11 lbs. - 13.5 oz.

2nd place - Mark Bray -

10 lbs. - 15.5 oz.

3rd place - John Morgan -

8 lbs. - 4.5 oz.

4th place - Kenny Holman -

4 lb. - 4.5 oz.

5th place - Don Jones -

3 lb. - 14 oz.

Big Fish - Tie ( 4 lb. - 4.5 oz. )

Mark Bray & Kenny Holman.

March Tournament - 3/9/02 - Pickwick / Wheeler out of McFarland

A total of thirteen members drove south to Pickwick to fish a day filled with storms and high wind. Only three members brought fish to weigh, but one of them had quite a suprise for the remainder of the club. John Brey won hands down with a beautiful 7 lb - 12 oz smallmouh. This is a personal record for John and a new club record as well. Congrats to John. Second place went to Alfred Lawless with a nice 2 lb. - 11 oz. smallie and third place went to Jim Kessinger with 1 lb. - 8.5 oz.

Puckett Point Standings thru March, 2002

( 1st) John Brey ---------------- 323.5

(2nd) Mark Brey ----------------- 218.5

(3rd) John Morgan --------------- 189.5

(4th) Jim Kessinger -------------- 110.5

(5th) Larry Carter ---------------- 105.5

(6th) Alfred Lawless ------------- 95.0

(7th) Bill Cobb -------------------- 87.0

(8th) Don Jones -------------------- 82.0

(9th) Bob Verran ------------------- 75.5

(10th) Kenny Holman -------------- 73.5

Join the Nashville Smallmouth Bass Club

We're waiting to welcome you! For more information call Bob Verran at 615-321-5222 or Dick Kessinger at 615-384-2332, or 384-8707. Cost is $27 per year, which includes a one-year subscription to Tennessee Valley Outdoors magazine. Club news, tourney results, and schedules will appear each month in TVO and on this site.

You may also join by mailing your check along with your name, address, and phone number to Nashville Smallmouth Bass Club, c/o Bob Verran, 1038 Pine Bluff Rd., Kingston Springs, TN 37082.

Or you may e-mail Tennessee Valley Outdoors at and we will have someone from NSBC call you. Be sure to include your phone number.

Bama Bronzebacks Newsletter

June 2002 Newsletter

Greetings smallmouth enthusiasts. We are still jigging along in our 2002 season.

Mike Ivey and Bobby Baker still lead the way with 39.6 lbs. through the first six tournaments. Lenny Perry is making a strong march toward the front with 32.2 lbs. followed by Royce Harris with 24.6 lbs. and Richard Kucejko with 18 even. Lenny is the only one to weigh fish in all six tournaments this year.

Unbelievably, it has not rained for our last two tournaments. (Knock on wood!) We're not sure what to do with clear weather. We sure could use more boats in our tournament trail! There is plenty of fun for everybody, so come and fish with us!

Our meetings are always the Tuesday before our tournament. The remaining schedule is as follows:

Wilson Lake

31- May


Pickwick Lake






Tim's Ford



Little Bear Lake



Pickwick Lake



Wilson Lake

4,5, or 6 Oct


Pickwick Lake

25, 26, or 27 Oct



15, 16, or 17 Nov


Tim's Ford

7 or 8 Dec


May 2002 Newsletter

Since the last writing, the Bronzebacks have been on Wheeler and Wilson Lake. The joke seems to be that " if thunderstorms are forecast, the Bronzebacks are fishing." The weather for these two tournaments was absolutely horrendous. High winds, rain, and lightning resulted in few fish being caught. Mike Ivey and Bobby Baker continued to lead the way with a 5.4-lb. catch on Wheeler while Lenny Perry and Royce Harris came through on Wilson with 5.2 lbs. Both catches were impressive considering the conditions.

Bama Bronzebacks will continue with a "wildcat" tournament on the weekend of April 19, 20, or 21st followed by Lake Wheeler again on May 10th. Hopefully we will have some decent weather for a change. Our top ten for the year are as follows:

Mike Ivey / Bobby Baker 29.0 lbs.

Lenny Perry / Royce Harris 21.4 lbs.

Daniel Johnston / Ben Woods 13.4 lbs.

Billy Beene 12.6 lbs.

Mark Blaskovits 09.6 lbs.

Nelson Jones 07.7 lbs.

Richard Kucejko 07.4 lbs.

As the results show, fishing has been tough for most of us this season, but, the fun never stops. Come fish with us!

APRIL 2002

Reported by Richard Kucejko

The Bama Bronzebacks continued their season on Center Hill Lake on Feb. 16th. Wheeler Lake was originally scheduled; however, the FLW Tour was on that lake the same weekend so the Bronzebacks moved to Center Hill. Six boats braved the constant wind and cold with a total of 17.9 pounds of fish being weighted in. Lenny Perry and Royce Harris led the way with 7.5 pounds, moving them into third place for the season.

Billy Beene and Mark Blaskovits came in second with 5.3 pounds. Bobby baker and Mike Ivey were third with four pounds. Season standings are as follows:

1. Bobby Baker, Mike Ivey 21.6 lbs.

3. Lenny Perry, Royce Harris 12.9 lbs.

5. Daniel Johnston, Ben Woods 11.4 lbs.

7. Billy Beene 9.3 lbs.

8. Mark Blaskovits 6.3 lbs.

9. Nelson Jones 5.7 lbs.

10. Richard Kucejko 5.4 lbs.

Bama Bronzebacks is a club dedicated to the sport of smallmouth bass fishing and the conservation of that resource. Come fish with us! You'll love it!

For Information on the club or tournament schedule, contact: Billy Beene @ 256-776-4763, or Jim Brock @ 256-852-0603.

Join the Bama Bronzebacks

The cost to join Bama Bassmasters is $27 a year and includes a subscription to Tennessee Valley Outdoors. Members will be able to keep abreast of tournaments and standings through the club news that will appear monthly in the magazine.

For more information about the Bama Bronzebacks contact Billy Beene, 205-776-4763, 123 Elvis Presley Blvd., Gurley, AL 35748; or Art Neubauer, 615-452-1856, 166 Upper Station Camp Creek, Gallatin, TN 37066.

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