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Tennessee Valley

P.O. Box 157
Greeneville, TN 37744
(423) 638-4177
FAX (423) 638-3328
Contributing Editors

Jim Casada writes about turkey hunting and fly fishing. He is author of several books including his award-winning, "Modern Fly Fishing."

Frank Register focuses on bird hunting and writes on dog training from his Slipnot Kennels.

Etta Pettijohn is former editor of Tennessee Valley Outdoors and specializes in writing about fishing and legislative issues.

Brenda Valentine, known as "The First Lady of Hunting" is specializes in deer and turkey hunting and writes for regional and national outdoor publications throughout the country.

Vernon Summerlin (Tenn.) writes about hunting and fishing. He is co-author of the popular book, "The Compleat Tennessee Angler."

Larry Self (Tenn.)
is an outdoor writer/photographer focusing on both hunting and fishing. He also prepares the popular monthly fishing reports from the lakes.

Gary Sams, cartoonist, loves to hunt and fish and also bow hunts. He has been a cartoonist since 1970. He lives in Afton, Tenn.

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