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Tennessee Valley

P.O. Box 157
Greeneville, TN 37744
(423) 638-4177
FAX (423) 638-3328

Tennessee Valley OUTDOORS carries newsletters of several sportsmen’s organizations each month. The content of these newsletters is produced by members of these organizations, not by TVO. Tennessee Valley OUTDOORS is not responsible for accuracy of statements made in these newsletters, nor are the opinions expressed by the clubs necessarily endorsed by Tennessee Valley OUTDOORS.

For current newsletters, please click on any of the organizations below:

Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation News
The Tennessee Bowhunters Society News
Percy Priest Sport Fishing Club News
The Nashville Smallmouth Bass Club News
United Bass Anglers of Middle Tennessee News
Southern Catfish Association News
Bass Anglers Invitation Trail
Middle Tennessee Bass Anglers

Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation News
Reported by Ron Riley

The Tennessee Bass Federation has a couple of reasons to be very proud these days. The first reason is Daniel Ellis from Gleason, Tennessee. Daniel finished in first place in the Southern Division at the Federation National Championship in Branson, Missouri in March. As a result of his finish in the FNC, Daniel qualified to fish the BFL All American Tournament on 5/28/09 - 5/30/09 in the Mississippi River Pools 14-17 out of Sunset Park in Davenport, Iowa.

Daniel’s journey started two years ago at the Tennessee Bass Federation Western State Tournament out of Paris Landing in 2007. He qualified for the Tennessee Bass Federation State Team that fished at Lake Norman in June of 2008. His first place finish on Tennessee’s State Team sent Daniel to Bull Shoals Lake and the Federation National Championship this year. As a result of a lot of hard work in pre-tournament practice and preparation, Daniel now has the opportunity to fish for a $100,000 first place prize in the All American Tournament. We want to wish Daniel the best of luck and if he finishes first in the All American, he will get to fish in the one million dollar Forrest Wood Cup Tournament in August. What a great opportunity that comes from fishing with a couple of great organizations (TBF, Inc and FLW Outdoors)!

The second reason for our Federation to be proud is a young man that is a part of our Tennessee Bass Federation Junior Bass Clubs. Boyd Crofton of the High Forest Junior Bass Club has received and accepted an appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Boyd actually had his choice of attending the Air Force Academy or the Naval Academy. Boyd is a pilot and I’m sure he wants to fly those Navy jets when the opportunity comes. If all our service men and women have Boyd’s character and dedication, our country will be well protected and served in the future. We are so proud of Boyd for his accomplishments at Lewis County High School and the awards he has received. Boyd’s parents are Joel and Debbie Crofton of Hohenwald, Tennessee and they are extremely happy that Boyd received an appointment at the Naval Academy. I’m sure Joel will find something to do with all the money he’s going to save on Boyd’s college education. I would like to think that Boyd’s resume was enhanced by his membership in the Tennessee Bass Federation’s Junior Club Program. I’ve started to record some of the fishing shows and watch them when I get an opportunity. Just the other day I watched a couple of fishing shows (Hank Parker and Babe Winkleman) and guess what they were doing. Each host took a young person fishing. Hank carried his cameraman’s son and Babe took two children fishing with him. It seems like a lot of people are beginning to understand the importance of passing it on to another generation.

Junior State Championship:

New Johnsonville, Tennessee and Kentucky Lake will play host to the Tennessee Bass Federation Junior State Tournament this year. Each Tennessee Bass Federation Junior Club has the ability to send a six person team to compete this year. Registration will be held at the JERRA Building at New Johnsonville on Friday, June 5 with the tournament on Saturday, June 6. Details of the tournament and registration can be found on the Tennessee Bass Federation website ( You may also contact Bruce Greig, Tennessee Bass Federation State Youth Director for more information. Bruce’s contact information can be found at

Yamaha Dealers to Carry Turbo® Propellers

Yamaha Marine Group announced it will market Precision Propeller Industries, Inc.’s (PPI) “Turbo®” line of propellers, through Yamaha marine dealers nationwide.

Yamaha purchased the assets of PPI in 2008 and has been investing in the company and its processes ever since. Though PPI’s Turbo line existed prior to the purchase, Yamaha’s marketing and sales initiatives promise to increase distribution for the line and offer additional products for boaters, just as demand for parts and accessories is increasing.

“Boaters today are more likely to buy parts and accessories for their current boat than buy a new boat and outboard,” said John Rigsby, Yamaha Marine Group National Sales Manager. “With the Turbo propeller line, Yamaha dealers can now offer a full suit of propellers -- something for almost any type of boat on the water.” The Turbo propeller line consists of more than 200 different polished stainless steel propellers appropriate for applications ranging from 18 to 400 horsepower. There are eight four-blade families and eight three-blade families in the line. Most feature the Guardian Square Lok hub system that matches most outboard and stern drive applications.

Turbo propellers are built for all major market segments including bass boats, stern-drive boats, aluminum boats, offshore boats bay, boats and flats boats. They come with a lifetime limited warranty from PPI, Inc. that covers materials and workmanship. For more information, please visit

Plano Tackle Systems :

Sponsor of Clay Dyer, FLW Touring ProClay Dyer of Hamilton Alabama, a member of Plano’s Pro Team, a pro fisherman on the FLW Tour, a motivational speaker across the nation and an assistant coach for the Hamilton High School Aggies football team, has hosted TV shows and teaches a number of fishing seminars each year. Clay will tell us how and why he became a Plano pro.

Question: Clay, how long have you been on Plano’s Pro Staff? Dyer: I’ve been a member of the Plano Pro Staff for 11 years. The company was one of my first sponsors.

Question: Why do you like Plano tackle boxes? Dyer: As a touring-pro fisherman, I have to carry a lot of tackle to every tournament in which I compete. To fish as efficiently as I can, I want my tackle to be organized. Then I don’t have to spend time looking for a particular lure I want to fish with during practice or competition. Because of the various tackle-box systems Plano produces, I have many-different ways I can organize my tackle and lures. I can organize my weights from the tiniest split shot to a 1-ounce sinker and know exactly where every weight I may need is located in the box. Too, I can organize my lures by depth and color.

Question: How does a guy with no hands and only a partial arm use a tackle box?

Dyer: I need to be able to get into my boxes quickly and easily using my teeth, without the edges of the latches cutting my mouth. Too, I need strong latches on my tackle boxes, so when I drop one, it doesn’t burst open and throw all my lures, weights and hooks on the ground. Because I don’t have any hands, I occasionally do drop my tackle boxes. Therefore, I need a really-tough tackle box because I’m so rough on them. If a tackle box is tough enough to pass the Dyer test, it’s tough enough for all fishermen. Oftentimes, I’ll drop my boxes on concrete boat ramps or asphalt parking lots when I’m transferring them to and from my boat and truck. My Plano boxes never have spilled open or broken.

Question: Which Plano tackle box do you use the most? Dyer: I use the ProLatch Stowaway box more than any other box. I use some of the Guide Series boxes to Too, I like the shelving systems to organize my tackle in my shop in my garage.

Question: How did you start working with Plano? Dyer: I met Jesse Simpkins, Plano’s marketing director, many years ago, and told him how much I liked Plano, and how long I’d been using Plano tackle boxes. I told him what I was doing and hoped to do in the future. Simpkins, like my other sponsors, believed in me and thought I’d be a good representative for the Plano Molding Company.

Question: Why would you recommend Plano tackle boxes to other fishermen?

Dyer: The boxes are tough and durable, and they can withstand rain, sleet, snow and blistering-hot sun. The Plano boxes also lockdown tight and seal very well. Plano even makes waterproof tackle boxes. When you use one of the waterproof tackle boxes, even in a driving rain, you won’t get moisture in your box, which can cause your hooks to rust. The boxes without waterproof liners are also extremely effective in protecting my lures and not allowing them to rust.

Question: How do you put lures into and take them out of your tackle box without any hands? Dyer: I hold a pair of needle-nosed pliers in my mouth and use the pliers to pick up the lures. Question: How do you tie lures onto your line? Dyer: I place the lure on the bend of my partial arm, put the line in my mouth and tie the knot with my tongue and my lips. Once I’ve got the knot tied, I move the bait, so the point of the hook is sticking in the end of my arm. Then I use my mouth to pull the line tight against the lure.

Question: You mean you’re pulling the line and the point of the hook into your partial arm? Dyer: Yes, that’s right. The point of the hook usually sticks me, and I bleed every time, but that’s the price I’ll pay to be a professional fisherman and compete on the national FLW circuit.

Question: What knot do you tie? Dyer: I tie either the Palomar knot or the San Diego clinch. About 90% of the time, I tie the San Diego clinch knot. Question: What tours do you fish? Dyer: I fish the FLW Tour and the FLW Series.

We want to thank Plano for being a long time sponsor for the Tennessee Bass Federation and for their support for an outstanding young man, Clay Dyer.

Charlie’s Kitchen:

Cast Iron Cookware Tips

Seasoning Cast Iron Skillets and Cookware:

You should always \"season\" your cast iron cookware before using for the first time.

1. Wash your cast iron in warm sudsy water and rinse well.

2. Make sure to dry the cast iron very well.

3. Take a paper towel and coat the entire skillet or pan with lard. (inside and out) It is best not to use vegetable oil as that will make your cast iron sticky.

4. Place in a preheated oven at 300° oven for one hour.

5. Remove and wipe off any excess grease with a new paper towel. Put the pan back in the oven and bake for another hour.

Washing Cast Iron Cookware:

Never wash you cast iron in the dishwasher!

After cooking in your cast iron, rinse in warm water. You may use a small amount of soap but harsh scrubbing and detergents will remove the seasoning. If for any reason your food is sticking to the pan and you have to scrub or you have rust in your cookware, re-season your pan.

After you have rinsed the skillet or pan well, set on a hot burner for a minute to make sure all water is gone. Let cool on burner and store as usual. Cast Iron Cooking:

After many uses, you cast iron skillet or pans will turn black. This is a good thing! This means you will now have a non- stick surface to cook in.

The Tennessee Bowhunters Society News
TBS asks that all individuals mail their items to: Tennessee Bowhunters Society, P.O. Box 1762, Greeneville, TN 37744.

Percy Priest Sport Fishing Club News
Visit the club online at

The Nashville Smallmouth Bass Club News
Reported by Don Jones

Our March tournament was held at Pickwick Lake out of McFarland Park. This is a really nice place to put in if you want to fish this part of the Tennessee River. The town of Florence really does cater to the fisherman. There are plenty of places to eat and sleep if needed and the river gives up huge catches of smallies to those who get to know it.

Although we didn’t have a big turnout due to terrible storm predictions, those of us who did go (hoping that the weatherman was wrong) caught a mixed bag of smallies and some of those other river fish we don’t care to talk about.

For the second month in a row, Jim Tidrick found the pattern that would win him the tournament. I happened to be Jim’s partner and it is quite frustrating to see something as simple as a darker shade in tubes (that you don’t have any of) makes such a difference in our catch at the end of the day. Of course he offered me some of his tubes. But there wasn’t that much difference in the color from what I was using (the smallies thought there was evidently), so we ended the day with Jim catching three keeper smallies and a boat load of the other stuff and me, no keeper smallies and a couple of the other fish. Need less to say, the other guys didn’t throw any of the darker tubes either. Jim’s big smally weighed three pounds eight ounces with his total weight six pounds twelve ounces.

Top Three in the Points Race

First Place Jim Tidrick 254

Second PlaceJohn Morgan81

Third PlaceChris Shandor76

Our next tournament will be held on April 25th on Dale Hollow out of Pleasant Grove, 7-3pm. For club information, please contact either John Morgan (president 615-390-4745) or Don Jones (tournament director 615-273-2557).

United Bass Anglers of Middle Tennessee News

Bass Anglers Invitation Trails
VA-II Flannagan Results

March 1 - First place and $490 was captured by Dennis Blankenship for his 9.38 pound weigh-in. Second place was taken by Garnie Sykes and Edgar Deel with a total weight of 14.94 and $900 for their efforts. Third place and $610 was awarded to Bryan Leonard and Benny Neal for a weigh-in of 14.12 pounds. AL-V Smith Results

March 7 - Don Hubbard and Roger Sams took first place and $400 for their 13.72 pound weigh-in. Second place was netted by Derrick Snavely and Bobby Drinnon with a total weight of13.15 and prize of $900. Rex Pendergrass weighed in at 12.68 pounds to win $480. GA-III Lanier Results

March 7 - First place and $1,100 was won by Tim Hawkins and Jason Johnson for their 18.26 pound weigh-in. Second place was awarded to Jamie Stewart and and Eddie Ramsey with a total weight of 17.28 and $800 for their efforts. A third place win and $520 was awarded to Joey Nichols and Ed Lewis for a weigh-in of 15.88 pounds.

MS-I Columbus Results

March 7

- David Newman and Chris Caldwell hooked first place with a 13.12 catch netting them $500. Jack Gordman and Paul Henney landed second place and $215 with a 12.69 pound weigh-in. Dwaine Williams and Brian Hatfield took third place and $125 for a weigh -in of 12.17 pounds.

SC-I Keowee Results

March 7 - William Granger and Ted Pekarsky placed first with a 11.07 catch netting them $500. Roger Bentley and Gene McCall landed second place and $400 with a 10.24 pound weigh-in. The team of Carl Whitfield and Vance Smith took third place and $125 for a weigh -in of 10.09pounds.

TN-I Norris Results

March 7

- Gordon Monroe and Brian Harvey reeled in first place and $2,000 for a 13.63pound catch. Brian Jordan and Michael Smith landed $1,000 and second place with a 11.88 pound weigh-in. Third place ended in a tie between the teams of Brian and Daniel Padgett and the team of Archie Wilson, Jr. and Kevin Edwards. Each team had a weigh-in of 11.07 pounds and winnings of $600.

AL-IIGunterville Results

March 14 - First place and $300 went to Ellis Taylor and Miles Reed for their weigh-in of 21.36 pounds. Second place was netted by Jim Bond and John Tuminello with a total weight of 21.36 pounds and $200 for their efforts. Third place was captured byMonty Yeager and Donny Beck with a weigh -in of 21.51. VA-I Douglas Results

March 15 - The prize of $1,530 and first place was captured by by Al Caton and Buster Brackens for their 16.18 pound weigh-in. Second place was taken with a weigh-in of 14.94 pounds by Brian Holt and Guy Siler. They were awarded $500 for their efforts. Third place and prize of $610 was awarded to Bryan Leonard and Benny Neal for a weigh-in of 14.12 pounds.

AL-I Weiss Results

March 21 - Andy Alan and Jerry Skelton took first place and $980 with a 15.68 pound catch Second place was netted by Eddie Young and Paul Davis with a total weight of 14.68 pounds winning them $580. Third place went to Jerry and Cory Cupps with a weigh in of 13.31 pounds and winnings of $400.

AL-III Guntersville Results

March 21 - Joey Walters and Auston Simmons hooked first place and $1,120 for a 27.94 pound catch. Mike and Steve Flynn landed $820 and second place with a 25.04 pound weigh-in. Third place was reeled in by Brad Brooks and Mack Bredette with a weigh -in of 24.95 pounds and winnings of $540.

KY-I Yatesville Results

March 21 - Michael and Carolyn Jervis led in first place with a 15.07 catch netting them $1,120. Mark Compton and Kyle Calhoun latched on to second place and $820 with a 12.79 pound weigh-in. Dwaine Williams and Brian Hatfield took third place and $540 for their 12.68 pound weigh -in.

VA-II Flannagan Results

March 22 - Keith and Bobby Sykes hooked first place with a 13.73 catch netting them $490. Ronnie Turner and Henry Wood landed second place and $210 with a 12.37 pound weigh-in. Rocky Blankenship and Mike Wood took third place with a weigh -in of 10.47 pounds.

Reported by Sunny DeFOE

Saturday, March 7, 2009 was a beautiful breezy spring day. Seventy-one boats showed up to compete on Norris Lake at Point 19. Brian Harvey and Gordon Monroe took top honors bringing in five fish that weighed 13.63 pounds worth $2,000.00. Second place went to Brian Jordan and Michael Smith with 11.88 pounds worth $1,000.00. Third place went to Kevin Edwards and Archie Wilson, Jr. with 11.07 pounds worth $600.00. Fourth place went to Bill Snodgrass and Todd Hembree with 10.53 pounds worth $400.00. Fifth place went to Dale Pelfrey and Greg Crass with 10.08 pounds worth $350.00. Sixth place went to Doug and David Winchell with 9.50 pounds worth $300.00. Seventh place went to Scott Seaton and Wandell Lusk with 9.24 pounds worth $250.00. Eighth place went to Bryant Ailor and Mark Meredith with 9.11 pounds worth $200.00. Ninth place and last place in the money was the team of David Booth and Thomas Barnwell with 9.05 pounds worth $150.00.

Largemouth lunker went to Bill Snodgrass and Todd Hembree weighing 4.26 pounds worth $355.00. Smallmouth lunker went to Ulyess and Kirby Chapman weighing 4.34 pounds. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all our sponsors and our fishermen. Over $8,000.00 in cash and prizes was given away. We want to extend a special thanks to Joe Lee and family for providing scripture, prayer, fellowship, coffee, hot chocolate and homemade muffins. The Lee family is an inspiration to us all and we really do appreciate them.

Our next tournament is April 11, 2009 at Fort Loudoun launching from the canal ramp. Make plans to fish and bring a friend. We are averaging seventy boats per tournament. if we have seventy or more boats we are paying $2,000.00 for first place. The angler of the year race is tightening up with Kevin Edwards and Archie Wilson, Jr. leading the pack for the overall season and also the second half. For more information call Bud or Sunny DeFOE at: 865-933-5954 (evenings), 865-679-0419 (Bud’s cell) or 865-679-2233 (Sunny’s cell). May God Bless and remember to take a kid fishing! The Classic for the 2008 - 2009 season is set for October 16th – 17th, 2009 on Cherokee Lake launching at the 25 E Bridge. To qualify for the Classic, you must finish in the top 40% (based on the average number of boats per tournament) or fish seven (7) B.A.I.T. tournaments ormore. The seven tournaments may be combined in different divisions. You do NOT have to fish all seven tournaments in the same division. Call if you have questions.

Middle Tennessee Bass Anglers
Reported by David Hanson

Tammy Sawyers took first place and Big Fish honours at our tournament April 4 on Percy Priest. Tammy used a Zoom Plum Apple Mag II Worm to make the winning catch.

Jeff Lokken came in second place. Jaff caught his fish on a Carolina Rigged Speed Craw. Jeff Mikula weighed in the second big fish of the day.

Overall, the fishing conditions were extremely difficult. Congratulations to all of our winners!Membership to Middle Tennessee Bass Anglers is open to the public. The club meets every Monday evening before a scheduled tournament at 7 pm at the Hendersonville Shoney’s Restaurant.

For more information on Middle Tennessee Bass Anglers contact Anthony Eldridge, 615-604-3711; Jame Hanson 615-496-0390; David Hanson 615-430-8366, Jeff Lokken 615-582-3287 or go to

2009 Tournament Schedule

May 9KentuckyParis Landing

June 13Old HickoryBulls Creek

July 25Cordell HullGranville

Aug 15& 16NickajackDam

Sept 5Old HickoryBulls Creek

Oct 24GuntersvilleGoosepond

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